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The important things in life are not things.

The important things in life are not things.

I am writing this blog whilst at home recovering from major surgery just over 2 months ago. As someone who, over my working life has rarely been sick or away from work for an extended period of time, this has been a new experience for me.

I can report good news for me to start 2016. My health and wellbeing have improved and I have now started the next stage of my treatment. I hope to be able to report a full recovery and a clear bill of health by mid-year 2016.

My time at home recovering has meant that I had to slowdown and do as little as possible, to allow my body to heal so I could re-build my strength. This time away from the hustle and bustle of full time work allowed me some extra time to think about the important things in my life, hence this blog on re-evaluating the important things.

The three key things that have become clear to me over this period are the importance of your health, your relationships with family and the importance of friendship;

  • A renewed focus on health was a given after coming through a major health scare. Being busy at work and living an active social life we sometimes forget the importance of focusing on our health. Busy people believe we have so many important things to do, that we often put a higher priority on achieving our goals above the importance of good health.

Looking after your health needs to be one of your key personal and business goals each and every day of the year. Don’t make looking after your health a low priority in your daily work schedule, always keep it top of mind and relevant on a regular basis.

  • Having the help and support of a close family has been invaluable to me during this time. Without them being there for me it would have been so much more difficult for me to get through this emotional time in my life. Make sure you value all of your close family relationships. Be active and present in being part of a supporting family group, the benefits to you and all concerned in good health, and not so good health, are truly amazing.
  • The friendship and support from long term friends over this time provided me with a reality check about what are some of the important things in my life. Yes work is important and ensuring I was achieving my goals, but just being there for someone, or providing positive thoughts when you are down and vulnerable is a true test of friendship / mateship. My first non-family visitor in hospital after my operation was a school friend of 45 years. He was aware of my situation and came to visit me on the way home from having his regular 3 weekly Chemo treatment. He was there for me wanting to know how I was going, what I had been through and what I was doing to get back to full heath. It was important to him as he valued our friendship and saw it as an important part of his and my life. Thanks for that Grant, you are a true mate.

2016 is a new year. I’m the same person I was in 2015, just a little wiser and more understanding of the important things in my life. I will continue to work hard to get back to full health and you will definitely be seeing me around the Hamilton office and Newcastle town on a regular basis.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Melanie and all of the Hamilton Taggart team for the help they have provided to me during this time. They have been true champions and continue the tradition of providing quality accounting and tax advice from a family business in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

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