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We provide personal tax services to clients in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors offers you the leading business tax accountants in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to make tax time a breeze for you and your business.

Our expert business tax accountants will ensure your business is tax compliant, give you the right advice to minimise your tax burden, and negotiate the complicated world of business taxation while keeping you focussed on what you do best.

We specialise in business taxation, and our tax accountants in Newcastle will work closely with you to prepare your Business Activity Statements, manage your GST responsibilities, complete your company tax returns, and liaise with the ATO to reduce your stress at tax time and ensure you are operating with confidence all year round.

We work with our clients regularly to ensure they are aware of their year to date taxation liabilities.

Find out how working with Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors business tax accountants can add value to your business and call us now on 4962 2022.

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Income Tax

Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors are experts at preparing Income Tax Returns,
we work with clients to ensure their income tax returns are lodged accurately and on time.

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GST - Goods and Services Tax

Accounting for GST and lodging monthly or quarterly Business Activity Statements can be a serious time drain for small and medium business owners. At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors we’ll not only ensure you have the right GST procedures in place to save you time, but we’ll also make sure your GST reporting is structured to best suit your specific business needs.

Ensure your business has the right GST reporting procedures in place and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Fringe Benefits Tax

If you provide private-use cars, reduced rate loans, private health insurance, or entertainment and recreation packages to your employees – or reimburse their private expenses – you may be required to pay Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

The Fringe Benefits Tax year commences on 1 April and runs until 31 March, so your FBT reporting and compliance must be managed separately to your regular financial year tax commitments. There is also a range of strategies you can use to ensure you’re not paying unnecessary Fringe Benefits Tax.

Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors will ensure you understand your Fringe Benefits Tax compliance and reporting responsibilities, and work with you to implement salary packaging solutions that will reduce your FBT burden while still delivering the benefits to your team that will keep your best talent inside your doors.

Learn more about how we can help reduce your Fringe Benefits Tax burden and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Personal Tax Returns

At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors our expert accountants complete personal tax returns for business operators, property investors and wage and salary earners.

Busy business owners often overlook their personal tax returns, but work with us at Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors and we’ll make sure tax time is never a source of stress again.
At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors we guide clients with property investment to ensure they claim all deductions they are entitled to, and achieve the best outcome possible from negative gearing.

Our expert accountants will complete and lodge your personal tax returns at the end of every financial year, and ensure you are claiming all the relevant deductions, collecting eligible tax concessions and complying with all ATO regulations.

And we’ll manage your relationship with the ATO to ensure you are not hit with any surprise tax bills or penalties for late or inaccurate personal tax returns.

Work with us and you’ll have more time to focus on the high-value tasks that build your business, with no need to sweat the small details of your personal tax compliance.

Learn more about how our accounting experts can handle your personal tax returns and speak with one of our helpful consultants today on 4962 2022.

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