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Buying, Selling

and Succession Planning

We help Newcastle and Hunter business owners plan for their life after business.

Business Acquisition

Whether you’re beginning your journey with the purchase of a new business, or looking to acquire a competing or complimentary company as part of your growth strategy, Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors will provide the business acquisition advice you need to ensure a successful transaction.

The key to a successful business acquisition is to maximise your return on investment by balancing the market and asset value of your target business with its risk profile. This is no simple task, and one that requires expertise across a range of financial and accounting disciplines.

That’s why we’ll be by your side throughout the process – from evaluating your target business, conducting due diligence, and assessing the risks, to making an offer and ensuring tax compliance – to facilitate a smooth transaction that sets you up for long-term success.

Find out how we can take the stress out of business acquisition and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Business Sale

Selling your business is one of the largest transactions you’ll make in your life, and that’s why you need the right expert advice and local knowledge to maximise your business sale in Newcastle.
Taggart Business Advisors will help prepare your business for sale, whether selling your business is part of your long-term succession plan or a recent decision to follow a new opportunity.

From ensuring your business plan is up to best-practice standards and running cashflow forecasts that will clearly demonstrate the potential of your business to prospective buyers, to assisting in the negotiation process, preparing the right paperwork, and minimising your personal tax burden, our expert advisors will help maximise the success of your business sale in Newcastle.

Learn more about how we can help boost the value of your business and achieve the best sale price and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Succession Planning

Whether you’re getting ready for retirement, looking to pass your business to the next generation, or preparing to sell to a new owner, you need a good succession plan to ensure a smooth transition and put yourself in the best tax position possible.

Our succession planning experts will help you define your goals, create a strong exit strategy, and set a succession timeline set to measurable milestones so you can track your progress and ensure a stress-free transition into the next chapter of your life.

We’ll also help you identify and develop the internal talent and structures that will keep your business kicking goals into the next generation, minimise your tax burden as you cash in on your biggest asset, and continue to create the wealth you’ll need to enjoy a prosperous retirement.

Speak with one of our succession planning experts for more information and call us now on 4962 2022.

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