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Business Advisory


We provide expert business advice to clients in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors, we know that doing business in a constantly changing economic environment can be tough.

That’s why we’re here to serve as your expert business advisors in Newcastle with all the local knowledge you need to grow your business.

From budgeting and cashflow forecasts that will give you the confidence to make the right decisions even in high-stress situations, to ensuring your business is structured for success, we offer best-practice business advice in Newcastle that’s focussed around creating sustainable growth and building your wealth.

And our business advisory services are not simply set and forget. We employ the leading business advisors in Newcastle who will build deep partnerships with your business and become a trusted source of knowledge and advice that you can call on whenever you need it.

Put the best business advice in Newcastle to work for you and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow bottlenecks and poor budgeting can bring a previously successful business to its knees – and fast. That’s why you need regular, accurate cashflow forecasts, profit analysis and break even analysis to identify and address small problems before they become major disasters.

Taggart Business Advisors will work with you to create the forecasts you need to ensure your cashflow remains healthy through shifting economic conditions and give you ultimate control over your cash inflow.

Our forecasts will also help you identify inflow or outflow issues and plan appropriately for additional resources, know when to hire and when to hold off, avoid over- or under-stocking, build on your most profitable areas, and achieve sustainable, long-term growth.

Learn more about how budgeting and cashflow forecasting can boost your business success and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Benchmarking is a vital tool in establishing and maintaining your competitive advantage. It provides a method of measuring your performance against competitors to ensure you’re ticking all the right boxes and staying competitive in a constantly evolving business environment.

Learn more about why benchmarking can help take your business to the next level and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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Business Start-up

The success of a new business begins well before you open your doors. Consult Taggart Business Advisors to ensure your business set up goes smoothly from conception to operation, and beyond.

We’ll make sure your business start up is structured for success, set up your bookkeeping and tax reporting procedures to minimise stress and maximise returns at tax time, and tackle all your tax compliance issues to free you to focus on what you do best.

But creating a successful business start up goes well beyond bookkeeping and tax. Our expert advisors in business set up will help you create efficient budgets and accurate cashflow forecasts, benchmark your business against your competitors to ensure you’re going to market with a distinct competitive advantage, optimise your business plan, and implement a long-term succession plan that’s focussed on building your personal wealth.

Most of all, you need a trusted business partner who knows the local challenges your business start up will face and has the experience to help you leap the obstacles that bring other new businesses down.

Find out how we can set your new business up for sustainable, long-term success and speak with one of our team members today on 4962 2022.

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