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Reflections on life and the importance of now…

Reflections on life and the importance of now..

I am writing this blog on the 6th November which is a very important date in my life.

No, it is not my birthday or an important family day or just the day before the 2017 Melbourne Cup. On this day in 2015 I had major surgery for bowel and liver cancer. My operation was a success due to the skills of my surgeons and the medical staff at Newcastle Private Hospital.

This day marked the beginning of my 8 month journey on the road to recovery and has made me change my perspective on life. Today marks 2 years of remission from cancer and as I write this, I am now back at work and getting on with living my life one day at a time.

The past 2 years have flown by and I sometimes wonder if what transpired was in fact a dream and that it really might not have happened. Fortunately I am reminded each morning when I get dressed by the large scar I still have on my stomach, that it did really happen and that I am lucky to be here right now at this moment in time. It grounds me and ensures that each day I am focused on the now – not the past or the future, but this morning, today.

I can’t change the past, what happened yesterday is over and out of my control. I can’t live my life in the past, worrying about things that I might have done or didn’t do or why I was the one that got sick with cancer.

Conversely I cannot control the future, what might happen to me tomorrow, next week, next year or in ten years time. I can however plan for my future, using past experiences and events to make it as successful and exciting as possible for me, my family and important people within my circle of friends and business.

This blog is not about scaring you or making you do something that you don’t want to do. My goal is to share my knowledge and experience gained from my life which includes my ongoing cancer journey.

The key message that I wanted to share is to ensure that you are grounded on a daily basis. I suggest taking a moment each day where you are able to stop and connect with the things that are important to you and your life. This small amount of time isn’t so you can reflect on what you didn’t achieve yesterday or what you must get done today, it is a quiet time to reflect on who you are, who is important to you in your life and to enjoy being yourself.

Today in my quiet time I remembered the significance of the day, ticked off that I have survived 2 years, am as healthy as can be and that I will be spending a couple of days this week with my family in the Hunter Valley. I then finished getting ready and enjoyed the walk to work and another fun day of accounting at Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors.

Good Luck at tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup and have another interesting Monday.

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