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Beyond Balance Sheets – February 2024

Personal income tax cuts redesigned The personal income tax cuts legislated to commence on 1 July 2024 will be realigned and redistributed under a proposal released by the Federal Government.…

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Small Business – Creditor Watch – Must Read

Right now, business owners are feeling the impact of the current economic conditions. Interest rates are rising to slow down the economy and there are labour shortages across most sectors.…

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Personal Budget 2023

Download the Hamilton Taggart Personal Budget 2023 spreadsheet
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No one can deny it has been a long challenging Autumn and winter period, unlike any we have experienced before in life or business. But, we have made it through…

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As many expected, this week Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the JobKeeper wage subsidy will be extended to help small businesses struggling through these crazy times. On Tuesday initial…

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In three months JobKeeper reaches it is legislated end date of 27 September 2020. JobKeeper has been fantastic in supporting small businesses to retain their key employee’s during these difficult…

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COVID-19: Be alert to superannuation early-access scams

The ACCC is warning small business owners and their employees about scammers taking advantage of the Australian government’s early-access to super measures using scams designed to steal your superannuation. Be…

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The begining of a new normal

The COVID-19 Pandemic has seen many world leaders use war messages & themes to rally their nations in fighting this virus. Unfortunately, war messages from our leaders fail to ignite…

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Landlords & Tenants

Are you talking with your tenant or landlord? Here is some guidance Many SMEs are currently wondering how they will make this month's rent payment, not to mention future months!…

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COVID-19 – Where to now?

Good morning to you all, we are now in our third week of social distancing and life as we know it has changed dramatically. The world is experiencing a medical…

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