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Insuring your most important asset – you.

Insuring your most important asset – you.

Most of you would be aware that I have been away from work since November 2015 recovering from major surgery. Yes, I am on the mend and expect to be back to full health after finalising my treatment in mid-year 2016.

It was a scary process being diagnosed, undergoing medical tests, seeing doctors, getting ready to go into hospital for an operation and of course recovering from the operation. For me this all happened within a three week period, during which I had little time to think and or concentrate on the operation and finances of my business.

I was fortunate having a great team lead by Melanie who immediately stepped up to assist me in the day to day operation of the business. As I write this blog in early 2016, the team is still managing the business fantastically for me and our client’s with only a little help from me as I start the next stage of my treatment journey.

Something that gave me peace of mind and ensured that I wasn’t stressed to the max during this period was that I had a Personal Sickness and Accident insurance policy within the business. Having this type of insurance means that you and your family have regular income and your business is secure whilst you are off work recovering from serious illness. It has been easy for me to write this blog with 20/20 hindsight. I was fortunate to have sought out the right advice so that my family and business was protected.

My best tip for the start of the 2016 year for all Hamilton Taggart Business Advisers small business owners, is to review whether all your business insurances are up to date, especially your Personal Sickness and Accident insurance.

All business owners know the importance of having the correct internet and mobile phone plan in place for successful operation of your business. You pay monthly and wouldn’t consider not having them. If you stopped paying and these services stopped there would be an immediate impact on your business.

The same thing could happen if you don’t have Personal Sickness and Accident insurance. Without it you might not have the financial resources to continue the operation of your business.

I believe that NO business owner should operate a business without having a Personal Sickness and Accident insurance policy in place. Factor the cost into your monthly budget allowing peace of mind while recovering from illness and the protection of your most important asset, your family.

If you don’t have a Personal Sickness and Accident policy in place or it has been a while since you last reviewed your policy, give the Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors team a call and we will direct you to the right people for the right advice.

Hope to see you and catch up with you over the coming 6 months during my recovery process.


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