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Full steam ahead…

Full Steam Ahead…

The new financial year has started and myself and the Hamilton Taggart team are starting to process and finalise 2017 taxation work for our clients.

It is good to be back at work after 18 months of not so great health. The positive thing for me was I was well insured and the business operated without me. I again wish to acknowledge the fantastic work Melanie and the Hamilton Taggart team has done whilst I was away, keeping the business humming and providing quality service and advice to our clients.

I would also like to thank Shane Pinkerton from Fiducian Financial Services in Adamstown, who handled my trauma and personal sickness and accident claims. No insurance company likes to pay out on a claim, but having a professional adviser working on it ensured I got paid on time and what I was fully entitled to. If you think your insurances may need an update, I highly recommend you give Shane a call on 4952 5500.

There seems to be a lot happening in Australia and the world at present involving politics (Turnbull and Donald Trump) and business (Brexit, Trade Wars and embargo’s). It is important to treat all of this fake news as background noise and concentrate on what is happening in your business, job and life. I know I am planning and preparing for my best financial year ever.

The key message I believe people need to concentrate on over the next 6 months to Christmas, is to stay focused on things they can control and have an influence over. At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors we are working on transitioning as many small business owners as possible to cloud based accounting software, such as Xero and MYOB cloud products.

The benefit is real time financial reporting for our clients and ease of use and better value for money for clients accounting and bookkeeping services. It’s a win / win for both the accountant and small business owner.

In closing, keep positive and stay focused on the important things your can control in your business. When you are doing this don’t forget to look after your own health and wellbeing as well as spending some quality time away from your business with family and friends.

Must run as I want to get a fast start to the new financial year and plan my next holiday with Rosalie at Christmas.

If you need some help with transitioning your bookkeeping to Cloud software give myself, Melanie or any of the accounting team at Hamilton Taggart’s a call on 4962 2022, we’d love to discuss the benefits with you further.

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