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COVID-19: Be alert to superannuation early-access scams

The ACCC is warning small business owners and their employees about scammers taking advantage of the Australian government’s early-access to super measures using scams designed to steal your superannuation.

Be careful – Scammers always use disguises by impersonating well-known business and government agencies such as; the Australian Taxation Office, the Department of Health, and multiple others.

Please see the following tips to avoid superannuation scams;

  • Never give any information about your superannuation to someone who has contacted you – this includes offers to help you access your superannuation early under the government’s new arrangements.
  • Hang up and verify their identity by calling the relevant organization directly – Find them through an independent source such as phone book, past bill or online search
  • Check out ACCC’s superannuation early-access scams tact sheet and media release about superannuation scams
  • Visit ASIC’s MoneySnmart website for more information on superannuation scams
  • You can also find out more about COVID-19 (coronavirus) scams on ACCC’s Scamwatch website
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