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Business as usual – another perfect day in Newcastle

Yesterday and today were fairly normal mornings for me, out of bed at 6.30am, listen to the radio and getting ready to walk to work. Great morning, I really enjoyed the nice sunny weather whilst on my 10 minute walk to work, arriving to the office just after 8.00 am with my first client calls before 9.00am, all round standard work days.

They were “business as usual”, except everyone keeps telling me something momentous happened Wednesday with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.

Before I went home on Wednesday afternoon Melanie, I and the Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors team were working hard to provide exceptional accounting and taxation services to our clients. On Thursday morning we at Hamilton Taggart’s were doing the same, today we are doing the same and concentrating on our business and things that we can control.

What happened in America is out of my control. It is interesting and could impact on the Australian Economy and my business, but I have no influence or control over what is going to happen.

In Stephen Covey’s book – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he talks about improving yourself by working your circle of influence instead of concentrating on your circle of concern. As a long time successful small business owner, to get the best out of my business and great outcomes for my clients I must work on things I can control or influence.

Worrying about ‘what if’ scenarios associated with Donald Trump’s election and upcoming 4 year presidency term are outside my control and something I have no influence over. It could be important, something that might effect me and my business, but worrying about it won’t meet client deadlines due before the Christmas break.

I encourage all small business owners to remain focused on the main game – what is happening in their business and what things they can do better to improve profitability, family work life balance, retirement savings and reducing tax payable.

At Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors we will still be working on a daily basis to improve outcomes for our clients. Melanie and I will keep you informed on any financial ramifications associated with Donald Trumps election win, but this won’t deviate from our main game.

Our main game being, providing exceptional accounting, taxation and business advice to all of our clients.

I encourage everyone to maintain a similar focus on things that they can control or influence and to not worry about something that may never happen, which is outside our control.

Have a great day and remember to enjoy yourself with family and friends this weekend.

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