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About Us

Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors is a proudly family-run Newcastle business that has been helping small and medium business thrive in the Hunter since 1952.

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients, and deep partnerships that span generations of sustainable growth and success. We’re proud to say that we still work with our first client, more than 65 years since we welcomed them into the Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors family.

We’ve built an expert team of passionate Novocastrians who have spent their careers with us, understand first-hand the challenges of doing business in the local economic environment, and have a personal stake in helping our region grow and prosper.

And we are actively involved in the local community and encourage and support our staff to fulfil their community-focussed passions from working with local sporting clubs to organising major charity events.

Learn more about how our passionate team of local experts can help grow your Newcastle business and speak with one of our consultants today on 4962 2022.

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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our team members are all highly skilled and are regularly involved in training to keep them up to date with any taxation changes to enable them to provide the best service and best value to our clients.


Read what some of our many clients have said about our services.

Our Community

Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors and its people are proudly part of the Hunter community.


Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors is a proud long-serving member of the CPA and employs an expert team of Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs) and registered tax agents that you can trust.

All of our CPAs are full members of CPA Australia and registered as tax agents with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Certified Practising Accountants are widely regarded as at the top of the accounting profession with high professional competence and in-depth knowledge of a range of accounting and business practices.

All of our experienced CPAs have earned a degree or postgraduate award recognised by CPA Australia, completed the CPA program that includes at least three years of professional experience, comply with a strict code of conduct, and undertake ongoing professional development training to remain at the top of their profession.

Learn more about how our Certified Practising Accountants can partner with your business and speak with one of our consultants today on 4962 2022.

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Fixed Fee Accounting

Our fixed-fee pricing model means no surprise bills or hidden fees. Simply select a package that suits your needs so you’ll pay a set monthly fee for what you need, and nothing for what you don’t.


  • Individual quote to suit your needs
  • No hidden fees or unexpected costs
  • Don’t pay for services you don’t want
  • Spread your costs across the year

Whether you are new to Hamilton Taggart Business Advisors or have been with us for years, we can prepare a fixed fee quote for your business accounting and taxation. We can even incorporate bookkeeping into your quote. Talk to one of our experienced team members for more information.

We also understand that circumstances can change. If this happens to you, we revisit the fixed fee arrangement and make changes applicable, whether it be to add to or reduce our service offering.

How it Works

Meet with us to discuss your needs

We prepare a quote based on your specific needs

Discuss service options and pricing with you

Fee agreed on and paid monthly

We Partner With You at All Stages of Business

Starting Out

  • Strategic start up advice
  • Which structure is the best for your business
  • Bookkeeping set up and advice
  • Budgets and business forecasting
  • Business acquisition advice

Manage and Grow Your Business

  • Regular financial info
  • Measure, accounts and support
  • Know your numbers
  • Leading Tax and BAS support
  • Tax planning
  • Info for decision making
  • Budgets and cash flow forecast
  • Business benchmarking

Retiring or Selling Your Business

  • Run your numbers and maximise value of your business
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Minimise tax implicature
  • Maximise sale proceeds
  • Strategic advice for selling to family or external party
  • Define goals for retirement

Ways We Partner With You

Reduce Your Tax

Tax planning and regular monitoring of tax liability. Don’t pay more than you need to.

Being on the Same Page

We want to understand you and your business, understand the goals you have for your business and understand the challenges so we can work on strategies with you to achieve you goals. This allows us to give timely and relevant advice.

Improve Your Cash Flow

Understand your numbers, review and track performance and accountability support!

Build Your Wealth

Our complete partnership with you allows us to support you in business whatever stage you are at. Regular, reliable information about your business and valuable advice aids you to increase the value of your business asset and build your family wealth.

Protect Your Assets

By giving the right advice you can be rest assured you are tracing with the best business structure for your circumstance. Ensuring you are adequately insured is also an important part of being protected. Through relationships with affiliate advisors you can have peace of mind.

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